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A court hearing is upcoming on the case against the Valley Proteins rendering plant.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation, along with ShoreRivers, Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth, Friends of the Nanticoke River and The Wicomico Environmental Trust, is petitioning the court for judicial review of the MDE discharge permit for Valley Proteins, demanding that MDE be required to revise and strengthen the discharge permit issued to Valley Proteins /Darling in 2022.

We urge the public who are interested in clean and safe water to attend an upcoming hearing on the ongoing pollution of our local Transquaking River. The legal hearing will take place on November 2, 2023 at 1:30 pm in the Dorchester County Circuit Court, 206 High Street, Cambridge. Although the hearing is open for public attendance it is not scheduled for public commentary from the audience. Previous written affidavits from the three signatories of this letter are already part of the court record as well as written statements from attorneys for the plaintiffs and defendants.

This letter is a great explanation of the history and the current situation:

DCPG Letter to the Editor about Valley Proteins_Oct. 2023
Download PDF • 46KB

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