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Our Members are the River's Best Friends

Your Membership Counts!

Join us in protecting the the Nanticoke River from the pressures of sprawl development and the increasing population of the watershed.  Our efforts focus on enforcing regulations that have been put in place to protect the Nanticoke River from run-off and pollution.

Your membership is like a vote.  When we weigh in on legislation the Friends of the Nanticoke River membership numbers carry the importance of our message to the legislators and decision-makers.


Our members pro-actively monitor and participate in regular "clean-ups" of public access areas to the river, oyster restoration, tree planting, and other projects.


We advocate for thoughtful recreational and commercial use of the river's resources and provide educational and legal resources to communities dealing with watershed related issues. 

  • Active for 20 years in monitoring, advocacy, outreach, and stewardship

  • Approximately 200 members from Wicomico, Dorchester, and Sussex Counties

  • A founding organization of the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, regarded nationally as a model for watershed protection

Membership is Free - Click the button below to become a member and recieve newsletters and event announcements. There are no dues!  We count on voluntary donations to fuel our efforts. 

Please join us in protecting and preserving the incredible resources of the Nanticoke Watershed.

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